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Kodi Phelps

Beard Oil

I purchased this for my cousin as a Christmas present and he loves it! He says it smells and works great.

Kaley Garcia

Face Serum and Toner

I absolutely am IN LOVE with my products! My skin has never felt so soft and silky. The anti-aging serum has my skin GLOWING! I am so excited that I found something that works for me!

Breanna P

Custom exfoliating bar soap

One of my all time favorite products! I have been using my soap bars for over a year and have noticed noticeable improvement in my skin. My blemishes are pretty much gone, it helped tremendously with ingrown hairs and

Love the smell and texture of this product!!

Katie Champion

Body scrub

I was looking for something to help my legs/booty plus arms with scaring while also helping with stretch marks. I have been using it for a month now and I love it! I’ve seen a difference with how soft and smooth it leaves my skin and makes me more confident! So excited that I found something that works for my skin!

Tiffany Fleming

Hair Mask, Body Butter, Lotion Bar, Rose Toner

All of these products helped me jump start a healthier lifestyle for my hair and skin! The hair mask has done wonders with healing my heat damage, and bringing back my natural curls! The Body butter and Lotion bars were game changers on what "moist skin" should feel like - especially in dry CO (it's so hard to keep the moisture all day) but these products will do that for you! Lastly, the rose toner helped me lose the dark spots on my skin, and bring out the glow that I didn't even know my skin had! :)

George Williams

Lip Balm, Face Serum and Body Butter

Lip Balm!!!
- I'll keep this short and simple; I've used literally every brand of lip balm there is and nothing comes remotely close to the jumbo lip balms that literally keep my lips moisturized all-day regardless of the weather forecast or how much water I drink if that makes sense.

Face Serum really helped brighten and reduce dark spots on my face, while not making my face really oily.

I've been using the body butter for about 3-4 months now and when I say it has been the best thing for my skin going into Fall/Winter that's simply being kind (there's much more I can say). The body butter really helped not only my skin but set my mind free of worrying about how much my skin might breakout/itch, to knowing I won't have to worry about that, AT ALL!

Natalie M.

Clarify Face System with Turmeric

I ordered the Clarity Face System because my skin had been breaking out for months. I’ve always had pretty good skin, and while I’m not entirely sure what the cause of my breakouts was, (stress, hormones, wearing a mask?) my skin looks and feels so much better after using Tal’s facial system. Switching to an oil cleanser took a little getting used to, but I’m so happy with the result. My skin is softer and looks brighter. I absolutely love how the products smell and feel on my skin. I highly recommend the Clarity Facial System. I will certainly be ordering it again!

Carolyn Porter

Lip Balm and Winter trios

I met Tal at the Stanley Marketplace farmer's market a few years ago. I bought her mint lip balm, and now I don't like to use anything else!

She is my go to when I want to gift natural skin care products or when someone tells me they are having skin issues.

I bought the little winter trios and mixed them up as stocking stuffers for my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law. I feel good gifting products that I know are all natural, organic, and made with love.

Jodi Willingham

Body Butter

I have only been using the body butter for two weeks. I can tell a major difference in my hands. Normally they are rough & dry. Now they are baby skin soft, no cracking or alligator skin. I will recommend to all my friends & family. Looooove this product!!!

Leandra Even

Lip Balm and Whipped Body Butter

The Lip Balm is AMAZING! The product is very light and moisturizing! My lips have never felt so soft (store brands just don't compare). My favorite combination is the base of matcha green tea with lavender. This product is an amazing gift to give and I buy it for my friends and family who have all been very impressed with their results as well!
I am so happy I discovered the whipped body butter and added it into my routine. I chose to combine the essential oils of lemon and lavender together. I really enjoy the effects of the essential oils and I can smell them and feel them working. It is great start to my day as I often apply it fresh out of the shower- it leaves my skin glowing and feeling soft.

Marta Blackwell

Anti-Aging Face Trio

Body Love by Tal's products have given me my confidence back.
I've been living with Melasma for over 6 years now. I've felt like I have had to become a make up artist to cover up my unsightly uneven skin tone. I gave up. I didn't feel pretty unless I was caked in make up.
I also climb outdoors practically every weekend. I went to see dermatologists, who prescribed bleaching creams, laser treatments, etc. I wasn't for it. I like to take a natural approach to my body.
Brown Girls Climb posted her products last year on their Holiday Shopping list.
I looked her up a couple different times before pulling the trigger and ordering her Anti-aging face trio with a custom mask on June 26th.
I have not regretted one second of it. Every single product I order is just what my body and skin was needing.
I cannot thank you enough for bringing my self esteem back to me. You're one talented mama!

Sunny Jones

Body butter and body scrub

There is nothing that keeps my skin hydrated like the products from Bodylove. I’ve tried lots of different hydrating lotions and creams but this one is by far the best, keeps your skin buttery smooth. Not to mention that any/all blemishes have disappeared since using the body scrub. I’m a forever fan and can’t wait to try more products in the future!!!!

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