So I was contacted to help this baby girl out with her Eczema 💙Her skin was itching her so bad that it would stop her from sleeping at night🥺! I created a butter for her that would help soothe it but these results blow my mind! I get emotional because we go to stores to get products for our babies that we think are safe and they are filled with chemicals!!! 🙄😡🤬 this is the before and after in a month! When her mom sent me these pictures I freaking dropped my phone and teared up! I am so happy.

Calendula Eczema Salve

Results after 8 days. Notice the improvements in dryness in creases of hand and overall, scabs healing and improvement in color.

Anti-Aging Face System

“I was nervous sending these cuz I couldn’t believe how bad my skin could get! I had scabs cuz I used these spot treatment that burned my skin. I was recommended your products and I was nervous to put anything on my face. Some nights I wouldn’t even put anything on cuz I thought my skin would break out again. Your anti-aging serum soothed my skin. I thought olive oil would clog my pores but it actually helped my oil production.

Clarity Restore and Exfoliate

"I was struggling for a good 5 months prior to finding you and deciding to order. So thank you for all you do! I'm confident in what I put on my skin because I know it's made with all natural products. Look forward to purchasing in the future"

Aging Face System is the produc

@bodylovebytal hey lady... this review is long overdue... so I bought the Face System around the holidays last year. I started using it the same day. I don’t have a face steamer so I use a face cloth.

Anti-Aging Face System

“My chin rarely gets bumps. My pimples aren’t cystic or painful anymore. I love the Face System and these products are the first that have helped me get rid of my pimples and keep them at bay. I feel clean and happy.” .

Hair Growth Serum

“I lost two dreads, one toward front and one at the crown of my head from traction alopecia toward the end of September (long story😂😂). My scalp was red and inflamed and oozing with no hair. I was very concerned that there would be permanent damage, my hair was also thinning from menopause . After using BodyLove by Tals hair growth serum for 4 months my scalp is completely healed with thick healthy new growth and locs and no more thinning. My hair is growing so fast”.

Customized Body Butter for Eczema

ONLY 2 WEEKS!!!🤯Our Eczema Body Butter is great for Psoriasis, Eczema, and dry skin! It is important to keep your skin moisturized! Our Body butter is anti inflammatory and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Face System

“Hey Tal thank you so much for the face serum, toner and cleanser! My face was going through it and I was worried that that scar would never go away- luckily it’s basically disappeared. Honestly the best products ever! I hope everyone buys them, they’ll do wonders for their skin.” Our Face System helps with fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, dark spots, and so much more✨!

Anti-Aging Face Serum

This beautiful lady has been using our Face Serum for a month. She wanted to reduce the appearance of her scar! Our face system reduces the appearance of dark spots, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles!

Anti-Aging Face Cleanser and Serum

Success!! This customer has been using our Face Cleanser and Serum for 5 weeks! Amazing results!

Anti-Aging Face System

“After using the Face System my skin has NEVER looked better. My skin was so soft and even and I had a natural glow. I usually get mild break outs due to food irritation or over exposure to the sun, but the cleanser cleared every breakout and evened out my skin tone. I get compliments everywhere I go about how wonderful my skin looks. Thank you!!”

Anti-Aging Face System

“Okay so I’m ready to show my progress and I couldn’t be happier!!! I have struggled to find anything that has worked for my acne from harsh drugs like accutane, antibiotics, and other topical drugs but your natural products FINALLY worked for my face here’s my progress and timeline”

Deodorant and CustomizedBody Butter

This customer is using our All- Natural Deodorant and Eczema Butter! She was specifically using them for her Eczema outbreaks! She said that the deodorant has helped her with the scarring and dark spots under her underarms! 💙

Anti-Aging Face Cleanser and Serum

This beauty has been using our Face Cleanser & Face Serum for less than two weeks! She is glowing 💛

Anti-Aging Face System

“OKAYYYYY so I really wanted to wait longer than a week (which is how long I’ve been using your serum) to send you pictures BUT I CANT WAIT. seriously. Only a WEEK and this is how much my skin has improved. The day before I started using it, and tonight. 💖 you are a Godsend seriously” day 7

Anti-Aging Face System

Hey Loves, keep the testimonials coming. Loving all the feedback !!! This customer suffers from frequent, painful, and inflamed breakouts and is already seeing amazing results after using our face serum for ONLY 2 WEEKS! Blemishes are less inflamed and no more painful breakouts. Come see us at the district shops and try our products or make your own. We use the highest quality organic and therapeutic grade essential oils and ingredients you can pronounce and trust!!!

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